(804) 706-6689

Whether it is a doctor's appointment or grocery shopping, Shepherd's Center is here to get you where you need to go!

A pool of drivers volunteer their time making it possible to get to medical appointments and grocery shopping for those who do not drive, do not have a car or do not have access to public transportation. Prescriptions can also be picked up on the return trip.

The need for this service is best demonstrated by the 14 trips per week on average that our volunteer drivers make for our appreciative clients.

Should you need that ride to the doctor's or for grocery shopping, please call the office at (804) 706-6689 at least four days in advance of the appointment.  The office will schedule a driver. The driver will contact the client to arrange the pickup time, etc.

The service is free, however, donations are accepted.

During the past year, Shepherd's Center volunteers provided transportation to 63 individuals residing in 10 different zip codes, and made 389 trips to medical appointments and grocery shopping. We love our volunteers ... please join us in answering this critical need in our community...

Free Transportation
Free Transportation


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